Recently listened to a fascinating Harvard Business Review podcast on Tactful Communication.

How Do I Communicate With More Tact?

Things I Learned

🗣️ Active Listening

Listen to understand, not to respond. Acknowledge any concerns and ask clarifying questions without interrupting

💬 Choose Words Wisely

Respond with language that conveys understanding and a solutions-oriented mindset. Rather than placing blame, shift the conversation towards collaboration and problem-solving

🤝 Empathy in Action

Put yourself in others' shoes. What challenges may they face?

🔄 Feedback Loop

Ask questions that help you gain deeper insights into others' perspectives. Getting feedback on a regular basis may help with this

⚖️ Balancing Honesty and Diplomacy

Assess the importance of the feedback and calibrate your response. Acknowledge valid points and respond with honesty

💡 Continuous Learning

Identify patterns in feedback given to you and strategize how you can approach similar situations more effectively

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