<aside> 📦 TL;DR: A Real-Time Inventory Replenishment Dashboard and API for Harley-Davidson


Note - I’m unable to share the code / a live link to the app as it’s an internal project. However, I’ve detailed my thought process to keep specificities at a minimum.



As part of digitizing Harley-Davidson’s manufacturing facility in York, PA, I led the development of an application that standardizes trackability, increases reliability, and traceability of commodities on the production line, providing a role-based, user-friendly interface to gain insight into commodity usage, and personnel efficiency.

Role & Responsibilities


Harley-Davidson - created as part of my role as a Systems (Mfg.) Engineering Co-Op

<aside> 👨‍💻 Note: I was the main developer working on this project over a 4-5 month timeline, contributing to over 90% of the codebase


The Problem

The system, prior to our redesign, was not optimized to provide intuitive insight into production floor data


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