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Hey! I’m Nandan Venkatesan (pronounced none-done) - a Full-Stack Developer and Industrial Engineer.

I've always been interested in finding the least time-consuming way to do things. This “lazy”, rather creative way of life led me to explore the field of engineering

My professional goal is to combine my engineering experience with my programming skills to make a tangible difference to technology platforms, products, & services

<aside> 🎤 I’m currently looking for full-time roles in Manufacturing Systems Engineering or Full-Stack Engineering starting Dec 2022. Let’s chat if you like what you see!


👷 Projects

I’ve included case-studies for each project below. Each page contains a TL;DR section to summarize the projects too 😊

Full-Stack Development

Things I Love Doing

📝 Testimonials

“Nandan showed a wide spectrum of skills ranging from programming to engineering data-driven solutions to some of our hotter topic issues, e.g., Bike Defect Tracking, Material Delivery Downtime, and Data Tracking”

~ Shean Hyson, Materials Area Manager, Harley-Davidson

“He has a fantastic and positive attitude, and is willing to go above and beyond”

~ Anthony Galligan, Director of Manufacturing Engineering, Seakeeper

“Nandan performs exceptional work and is an asset to any team lucky enough to have him.”

~ Nathan Worley, Manufacturing Systems Engineer, Harley-Davidson

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